Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing Installations and COC’S

Our technicians are certified Electric Fence installers and are registered with the Department of Labour.

We specialize in new electric fence installations and repairs of existing fences.

We can certify Domestic Electric Fences as well as Industrial, Estate and Game fences.

Our Team are also Stafix Qualified Roboguard suppliers and installers so keep this in mind if you wish to add this to your Electric Fence installation.

Law now in South Africa is that if you sell your property, your electric fence has to be compliant to SA regulations and you have to supply a COC (Certificate of Compliance) for it. We work closely with Estate Managers and Real Estate Agents, helping their clients stay compliant.

We operate in Krugersdorp, Randburg and the Greater Gauteng/Johannesburg area including Centurion.

In terms of this Legislation an EFC (Electric Fence System Certificate of Compliance) is required under the following circumstances:

  1. Any new electric fencing installation from 1 December 2012.
    • Remember, all electric fences installed from the 1st of July 2011 must be fully compliant with this Legislation.
  2. All properties with electric fencing sold from 1 December 2012 are subject to an EFC, irrespective of when the electric fences were installed;
  3. In terms of any changes, additions and / or repairs, a certificate is required and must be issued when a change, addition and / or repair is made to any existing installation as follows:
    • Restringing of any existing electric fence;
    • Additions to any existing electric fence such as extending the electric fence (even by only 1 metre);
    • Major repairs to the electric fence, such as a section of electric fencing that has to be replaced (i.e. bracket / s and wires);
    • Replacing the old energizer with a new one (note, not repairs to, and thereof).